Which one is better: Silent tower fan or floor fan?

Summer arrived when all sorts of cool and refreshing tools come on the stage namely if the word of air conditioning is used for a long time in the home, it is very wasteful electricity, a summer comes down to want to spend many money. Therefore, the electric fan is an ideal choice. When choosing the type, do you know how to choose the tower fan and the floor fan? Here’s a look at the difference between a silent tower fan and a floor fan and the difference between a tower fan and a floor fan.

The working principle of the difference.

First, take a look at the working principle of a silent tower fan, it is by throwing the wind out through the cross-flow fan, forming air flow. After the wind wheel rotates, the wind pressure is generated to produce centrifugal wind, and finally, the wind is transmitted out through the internal wind guide wall.

Floor fan is mainly carried out by the ac motor when working, that is to say, the motor is the heart of the floor fan. A floor fan works on the same principle as an electric fan, in which the coil is rotated by force in a magnetic field.

The effect of air supply is different.

The effect of air supply is more concerned about. The silent tower fan uses the air supply wheel like the air conditioner. It is quiet when working, and the air supply is stable and comfortable. The wind blown by the tower fan falls into the whole body because the silent tower fan is a wind curtain on the vertical ground.

Traditional floor fans use rotating blades to deliver air. Floor fans have sound, compared with the silent tower fan more loud, the air supply is not stable, easy to dizziness, and the floor fan blows most of the area in the upper body so that the tower fan will be better.

The comparison of comfort

The comfort of a silent tower fan is a deeper level of comparison. According to the principle of airflow, a tower fan enables indoor and outdoor air to form a three-dimensional exchange system, which is similar to the blower of kitchen hall blowing. Even without a fan page, it can also supply air. Suitable for families with elderly and young children.

Floor fans in hot summer, indoor ventilation, heat prevention, and cooling improve the environmental effect is better; floor fans can be used smoothly on the ground, and floor fans can be widely used in some public places. But because the floor fan is noisy, it is not suitable for sleeping at night.


If you have kids at home, you’ll need a silent tower fan even more. Because the most important thing about a mute tower fan is safety! Tower fan grid is small, high safety protection grid, thin and narrow grid design, is not afraid of pinching baby fingers, and safe and assured! Aiwa silent tower fan only produces quality motor, static from the core, fine movement combined with durable lubricating oil, wind sound static for you and your family who need a good sleep! I hope you found this article helpful!

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