Outstanding Health Supplies Manufacturer: Welland

Welland is an excellent original equipment manufacturer and original design manufacturer, and their goods are praised by clients all over the world. Because Welland has a strong R&D and application team to support OEM customization services. Support SDK and free APP, more than 7 million users worldwide, with mature supply chain and 20% automated machine production, providing high-quality and low-cost products.

The company continues to keep up its quick growth momentum, which allows it to make a significant contribution to the iterative update of comprehensive health management solutions. They are also a high-quality bathroom scale manufacturer.

Weight control helper: bathroom scale

Body fat scales and regular weight scales are the home weighing products that are currently available on the market. We are all aware that the weight scale is merely a scale that records data relating to a person’s weight. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people who purchase body fat scales. In particular, the crowd that regularly engages in fitness activities is more likely to be interested in body fat scales.

The body fat measurement capability is integrated into the bathroom scales manufactured by Welland. These scales are quite accurate. How exactly do they function?

How the measurement is done using a bathroom scale

A body fat scale works on the specific principle that the scale sends a weak current through the electrodes, forming a closed loop with the body. An electrical impedance value is obtained by applying the concept that muscle conducts easily while fat does not, which is based on the fact that muscle conducts easily while fat does not. The value of the electrical impedance is then integrated with other pieces of information, such as height and weight, to determine the proportion of body fat.

To provide a true and exact reflection of the user’s current health data situation, Welland makes use of this very accurate way of measuring electrical resistance.

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