JUNTY: A Top Manufacturer of Cyclone Separators

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, JUNTY group has been committed to providing sealing products, wear-resistant parts, and components to the fluid and gas control sectors worldwide for mroe than 2 decades.

Quality is their top priority and it has been certified by the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Every stage of our workflow is meticulously planned and managed, and every product is checked and recorded before shipment. Consequently, our clients have been delighted with our excellent goods and first-rate services.

JUNTY has a skilled and committed staff that is well knowledgeable about the requirements of our sector and the fabrication of rotary equipment. Thanks to our broad technical skills, we collaborate closely with our customers on all facets of their sourcing requirements, from original design through prototype testing to mass manufacture.

We are expanding to fulfill the rising global demand from our clients for quality, engineering, and material selection. Our objective has always been to develop a lasting, mutually beneficial connection with our business partners.

JUNTY Cyclone Separator: What is it?

A device that separates water and oil is a cyclone separator. A revolving drum produces the airflow that separates the oil and water into small droplets. The centrifugal force is the name of this process. JUNTY Company, which offers mechanical seal parts and ware components, is one of the well-known manufacturers of cyclone separators.

Some details on the JUNTY cyclone separator are provided below:

The silicon carbide pipe lining may extend the cyclone separator’s service life, which might reduce fluid wear on the inner wall. Cyclone separator wear is brought on by the scouring and impact of medium particles on the separator while it is in use. The amount of wear is closely correlated with the size, velocity, concentration, and physical characteristics of the particles. The cyclone shunt wall, therefore, has significant material needs. High-quality materials are used to construct JUNTY’s ceramic-lined pipes, which have exceptional mechanical and chemical resistance.


We at JUNTY are honored to be the top producers of cyclone separators. Our skilled team is here to assist you whether you need assistance finding a great match for your application or are seeking a custom-made solution. Get in touch with us right away so we can begin!

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