Vape Product With Exciting New Flavors From SMPO

Many flavors are available for disposable rechargeable vapes, but SMPO VALI’s tastes make them unique. For example, the new SMPO VALI disposable vape intends side a simple and convenient means of enriching the taste of vaping.

What exactly is a “disposable vape”?

As the leading electronic cigarette producer, SMPO is aware of the exploding throwaway vape industry. They’ve made some of the best-selling disposable vapes, and their newest offering, the SMPO VALI disposable vape, is no different.

This vape is all about cool, refreshing hits and a delectable flavor. A high-quality mesh coil ensures a soft, consistent feel with every shot. The SMPO disposable vape with a mesh coil also has a mechanism for regulating airflow.


The SMPO VALI is a disposable, flavored vape with 2% nicotine. The SMPO VALI disposable flavored vape is a stylish and practical option for vaping, thanks to its small size and clear exterior. With its 2% nicotine content and pure taste in every hit, the SMPO VALI is the go-to disposable flavored vape for bulk orders. Pink lemon, strawberry ice, peach ice, grape ice, watermelon ice, sour apple, and mixed berry are among the seven varieties available for wholesale purchase in large quantities. The aftertaste of pure flavor lingers on.

The SMPO VALI not only produces high-quality vapor but also has a very high-efficiency rating (95 percent, to be exact). This implies that it will last longer on a single charge and provide better vaporization outcomes than competing devices. To further reduce the environmental impact of electronic cigarettes, the SMPO VALI series offers up to 600 puffs for each charge.


SMPO VALI should be at the top of the partner list if partners of SMPO are searching for a device that can provide a highly tasty vaporization effect while using as little battery power as possible.

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