A Company With A Heart: Unimed Provides Medical Supplies To Those In Need

Introduction to Unimed

As a leading medical supply manufacturer, Unimed Medical Supplies Inc. Offers a wide range of patient monitoring accessories, including ECG cables, Sp02 sensors, temperature probes, NIBP cuffs, fetal probes, etc… Unimed has been dedicated to client support for over 20 years. Besides, Unimed has earned reputable accreditations that pave the way for its growth in strategic locations throughout the world and its provision of premium services to customers in a timely fashion.

Medical Cables: Things You Need To Know

Several types of medical cables:

EKG/ECG Cables: These cables link a patient to an EKG or ECG machine. The gadget can measure the patient’s heart rate and electrical activity thanks to the leads, often attached to the chest.

Cables for pulse oximetry: These cables link a patient and a pulse oximeter. In hospitals and other critical care settings, pulse oximeters are frequently used to assess the amount of oxygen in a patient’s blood.

Blood pressure cables link the patient to the blood pressure monitor. Patients can use blood pressure monitors to diagnose hypertension and other cardiovascular issues since they measure the pressure of the blood flowing through the arteries.

Thermometry wires: These cables link a patient with a thermometer. Temperature gauges can determine whether a person has a fever or another ailment.

Medical Cables: Uses

– Sending information from x-ray, MRI, and other diagnostic instruments; – Connecting medical devices to monitors or other machinery to track patients’ vital signs

– Electrical impulses being sent by implantable devices like pacemakers

– Electrocardiogram (EKG) equipment monitoring cardiac activity


When you need medical supplies, you can trust Unimed to provide the best possible service. Our selection of high-quality medical supplies is extensive and includes everything from bandages and gauze to surgical tools and patient monitors.

Visit Unimed today to find the right medical supplies for your needs. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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