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If you have access to a computer and modem then you are no doubt already interested in the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW). In this short chapter I want to highlight some of the resources available to you on the net and on disk. This chapter will show how useful the web is when researching for information or downloading useful programs.

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Here are some interesting technologies together with a web link. Please note that the ‘root’ web address is given because many more detailed links become out of date. You will have to ‘dig’ a little to find the specific details. The snippets of information and links are presented in no particular order or for any reason other than that I found them interesting.

The Visteon Torque Enhancement System is said to achieve large engine performance from a small turbocharged engine. This system uses an electronically controlled, electrically powered supercharger as part of an integrated air management system.

A new flat six-engine from Subaru uses an active valve control system.

A Silver Vision bulb made by Schott is interesting. It appears silver when not lit but produces amber light when it is. A Swedish company called Active Attention has developed a system called Alerta, which has the ability to measure a driver’s ability to control a vehicle. It does this by measuring steering wheel torque and changes in lateral inertia.

Non-contact sensors mean that the sensor never suffers from wear and tear. Tyco Electronics is a major supplier in this area. Dura have developed a smart parking brake. Levers and/or foot pedals are replaced by an electromechanical device, which interfaces with the conventional rear brakes. A simple one-touch switch controls operation. It was first used on the Jaguar S-Type in 2003. A major advantage of the system as well as ease of operation is that it frees up valuable space.

Automotive technology – electronics

The Automotive Technology (AT) program is all about learning how complex automotive systems work – and how to fix them when they do not! AT Electronics helps you learn how systems (engine management in particular) operate, how the inputs to a system affect its outputs, and what the effects are when a fault occurs. Diagnostic routines, which are built into the program, will allow you to put into practice some of the skills you develop but ensure that you work in a logical way.

The Multi Scope feature allows you to examine signals from sensors and those supplied to actuators. It also contains a scanner and multi meter to show typical readings. A telemetry screen, text and pictures window can also be used. Learning tasks, which are part of the help file, will help you work your way through the program.

The program allows you to control the inputs to systems and note the effect this has on the outputs. In this way you will start to understand the operation of automobile electronic systems. Figure 18.1 shows the charging system simulation. In this case an example of the inputs would be engine/alternator speed and an example of the outputs would be the system voltage.

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Last word

Diagnostics are possible by creating a fault and carrying out tests to locate it! A database is built into the program to assist with this and Multicore has lots of functions to help. The methods used are appropriate for use on real systems. This is an ideal training system for trainees and students. The main simulation windows relate the engine management, starting and charging – but others are ‘under construction’

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