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WOKA: Your Trusted Plastic Mold Maker for Precision and Excellence

When it comes to the finest plastic mold maker, WOKA emerges as an industry leader, driven by precision and quality. Established in 2005 in Shenzhen, China, WOKA has become a trusted name in the world of mold manufacturing.

Precision Engineering and Design Excellence

What sets WOKA apart is their mastery over materials, design intricacies, and manufacturing challenges. While conventional designers focus on function and aesthetics, WOKA’s design engineers bring manufacturing design to the forefront, ensuring products meet rigorous standards.

A Unique Mold Structure Advantage

WOKA differentiates itself through its exceptional in-house mold manufacturing division. This strategic advantage enables quicker turnaround times for new products. By optimizing yield, reducing cycle times, and simplifying processes, WOKA consistently delivers efficient solutions.

Elevating Through OEM/ODM Excellence

WOKA excels in crafting OEM/ODM molds that redefine industry standards. Imagine a scenario where a company needs custom door handle molds for large-scale production. WOKA steps in, providing tailored solutions that blend affordability, customization, and efficiency seamlessly.


For precision, innovation, and unmatched quality, look no further than WOKA. As a premier plastic mold maker, they have stood the test of time since 2005. WOKA’s commitment to perfection, driven by a dedicated team, cutting-edge facilities, and unwavering values, solidifies their position as an industry frontrunner.

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