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Unleashing the Power of AIVISON’s Laser SLAM Stacker Automatic Forklift SFL-CDD20

In the ever-evolving landscape of warehouse automation, AIVISON stands at the forefront of innovation with its groundbreaking automated guided forklift, Laser SLAM Stacker Automatic Forklift (SFL-CDD20). Designed to maximize efficiency and revolutionize material handling, this advanced forklift AMR combines cutting-edge technology with precision and adaptability to reshape the way warehouses operate.

Elevating Safety Standards with Comprehensive Protection

One of the standout features of the SFL-CDD20 is its state-of-the-art safety mechanisms. AIVISON has integrated obstacle avoidance technologies like lasers, bumpers, distance sensors, and a 3D camera, providing 360° protection. This comprehensive shield ensures that your forklift maneuvers through your space with precision and safety, mitigating the risk of collisions and accidents.

Effortless Operations with Automatic Charging

AIVISON’s commitment to streamlining your warehouse operations extends to the SFL-CDD20’s automatic charging capability. Gone are the days of manual charging and the need for dedicated staff. This forklift is designed to support automatic charging seamlessly, optimizing your workflow and ensuring that your equipment is always ready for the next task.

Forklift AMR – Redefining Flexibility

The SFL-CDD20 isn’t just an automated guided forklift; it’s a Forklift AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) that adapts to your evolving needs. Its Laser SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) stacker technology allows for precise navigation and positioning, enhancing the forklift’s ability to seamlessly integrate into your existing warehouse infrastructure.


In conclusion, the AIVISON Laser SLAM Stacker Automatic Forklift SFL-CDD20 is more than a solution; it’s a revolution in warehouse efficiency. AIVISON provides comprehensive protection, automatic charging, and Forklift AMR flexibility for confident navigation in modern logistics. Upgrade your warehouse operations today with AIVISON’s cutting-edge automated guided forklift technology.

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