Smart AED for Schools Manufactured by Mindray

In recent years, the campus has had a high incidence of cardiac arrest due to academic pressure, health conditions, and other factors. The construction of campus first aid is imminent. As a professional AED for schools provider, Mindray produces AEDs with a high degree of intelligence and clear guidelines for use, contributing its technical strength to improve the efficiency of emergency services.

AED is a portable emergency device used to resuscitate patients in cardiac arrest, diagnose specific arrhythmias, and give electric shock defibrillation. It is worth noting that AEDs are portable and intelligent and can be used by non-professionals with simple training.

Where is an AED used, and how does it work?

AEDs are mainly used for patients suffering from heart attacks, especially cardiac arrests that occur outside of hospitals. Most patients will experience ventricular fibrillation in the early stages.

Using an AED for lifesaving treatment reduces damage to the brain and other neurological tissues, in addition to using electrical defibrillation for early resuscitation of the patient.

In many cases of cardiac arrest, the patient’s heart is not motionless but shows odd fluttering, a medical phenomenon known as ventricular fibrillation. Looking at the patient’s ECG, we can see that the ECG is a haphazard line instead of a straight line or a regular periodic curve.

Mindray’s AED devices use this feature to determine the cause of cardiac arrest and implement timely resuscitation protocols.

Why is a portable, intelligent Mindray AED needed?

Only defibrillation equipment can often save lives when a patient suffers a cardiac arrest. Suppose we have a smart AED device for first aid and follow the routine procedures to operate the AED. In that case, the AED will automatically complete the process of diagnosis and shock to save the cardiac arrest patient. The whole process does not require much operational specification or medical knowledge.

As long as the operating guidelines are followed, first aid can be administered without any obstacles, which will greatly ensure the life safety of patients with cardiovascular diseases. All this is made possible by the innovative technology that Mindray uses in its AED for school products.

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