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Improving Accessibility and Productivity in Hospitals: The Application of OEKAN Furniture’s Medical Computer Cart

Do you believe that healthcare professionals deserve better tools to enhance their productivity while providing excellent patient care? Look no further! This blog post will introduce you to OEKAN Furniture‘s revolutionary Medical Computer Cart – a game-changer in improving accessibility and productivity within hospital settings. Keep reading to discover how this innovative solution can transform the way medical professionals work and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Features and Specifications of the Medical Computer Cart

OEKAN’s medical computer cart is designed to improve accessibility and productivity in hospitals. The cart features a built-in computer with touchscreen display, keyboard, and mouse; as well as a printer, scanner, and barcode reader. The cart also includes storage space for documents and supplies, and can be easily moved around the hospital as needed.

Examples of Successful Implementation of the Medical Computer Cart in Hospitals

There are many examples of successful implementation of medical computer carts in hospitals. The use of medical computer carts allowed nurses and doctors to have better access to patient information and improved the efficiency of care. Another example is the use of medical computer carts to improve communication between patients and staff. The use of medical computer carts allowed patients to easily access their medical records and staff to quickly communicate with each other.


In conclusion, OEKAN Furniture’s innovative medical computer carts are a great way to improve access and productivity in hospitals. By combining the mobility of wheeled furniture with the convenience of laptop computers that can easily be moved from one area to another, these carts provide an ideal solution for busy hospital settings where time is at a premium. Whether you’re looking for easier patient experience or increased efficiency among your staff, this type of mobile computer cart is sure to deliver!

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