Cleanability Should Be Considered in Healthcare Furniture

Because of the nature of healthcare institutions, the cleanability of your furniture may play a role in its safety, as the only safe furniture at a medical facility is maintained immaculately clean and sanitized. But, of course, the easiest approach to keep your healthcare furniture spotless is to buy easy-to-clean furniture.

The significance of cleanability

A clean-out area between the seat and back of the chair should always be included in healthcare seating—the larger, the better. This not only leaves fewer catch points for bacteria growth and bedbug breeding, but it also makes cleaning the chairs easier for workers, ensuring the upholstery is thoroughly cleaned and leaving no opportunity for missed spots. A broad clean-out space will keep potentially dangerous or bacteria-filled debris from being lodged between the chair’s seat and back. Remember, your cleaning crew should never have to stick their hands in an area where they can’t see what they’re touching—dangerous for both patients and personnel.

In addition to sitting, be sure that all of your medical facility’s furnishings are composed of easy-to-clean materials. Wood and veneer furnishings are porous and should not be used in a healthcare setting. Instead, choose laminate for your reception desks, tables, and cabinets, which looks like wood but is much easier to clean. Remember that everything in your healthcare institution, not only what is visible on the surface, must be cleanable. To reduce the spread of hazardous bacteria in your facility, the insides of cabinets and drawers must be entirely cleanable. Consider using drawer liners that may be readily removed if an unforeseen spill occurs.


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