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CIMC Pteris’ Sliding Shoe Sorters: Unlocking Operational Efficiency in Airport Logistics

Efficient airport logistics is essential to ensure seamless travel experiences for passengers and efficient transportation of goods. CIMC Pteris, a leading provider of airport logistical solutions, is revolutionizing the industry with its advanced sliding shoe sorter technology.

Understanding the Role of Sliding Shoe Sorters in Airport Logistics

Sliding shoe sorters play a crucial role in airport logistics by streamlining the sorting and routing of baggage, parcels, and cargo. CIMC Pteris’ high-speed sliding shoe sorters are designed to handle large volumes of items with exceptional speed and accuracy, reducing sorting errors and saving valuable time. These systems utilize intelligent routing algorithms and adjustable diverters to ensure items are efficiently directed to their designated destinations, enhancing overall operational efficiency in airport logistics.

CIMC Pteris: A Leader in Airport Logistics Technologies

CIMC Pteris, a recognized leader in airport logistical solutions, has developed sliding shoe sorter systems that are specifically tailored to the unique requirements of airports. These systems incorporate advanced technological features, such as modular design for easy scalability, robust construction for reliable operation, and user-friendly interfaces for simplified maintenance. CIMC Pteris’ sliding shoe sorters are built to withstand the demanding nature of airport logistics, delivering consistent performance and contributing to enhanced operational efficiency.

Enhancing Performance with LPMS Software Integration

To optimize the capabilities of their sliding shoe sorter systems, CIMC Pteris integrates LPMS (Logistics Process Monitoring System) software. LPMS software enables real-time monitoring and tracking of items throughout the sorting process, providing airports with valuable insights into their operations. By leveraging LPMS software, airport authorities can identify bottlenecks, optimize workflow, and make data-driven decisions to further enhance operational efficiency in airport logistics.

The integration of CIMC Pteris’ sliding shoe sorters with LPMS software has resulted in remarkable success stories within the airport logistics industry. In a case study conducted at a major international airport, the implementation of these technologies led to a significant reduction in both sorting errors and handling time, resulting in improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. CIMC Pteris’ sliding shoe sorters, combined with LPMS software, are revolutionizing the way airports approach their logistics operations.


CIMC Pteris’ sliding shoe sorters are driving operational efficiency and transforming airport logistics with their advanced technology and tailored solutions. By integrating LPMS software, these systems provide airports with the tools to monitor and optimize their operations, resulting in streamlined processes and improved customer experiences. With CIMC Pteris’ sliding shoe sorters, airports can achieve higher levels of efficiency and reliability, positioning themselves at the forefront of the evolving airport logistics landscape.

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