Smart Building Technology and Its Impact on Community Living in Forest City

Forest City is a smart city project in Malaysia designed to promote community living and enhance quality of life for its residents. At the heart of this vision is the integration of smart building technology throughout the development. In this blog post, we will explore two key ways in which smart building technology promotes community living in Forest City.

The promotion of community living through amenities

Smart building technology plays an important role in promoting community living by providing shared spaces and amenities that encourage social interaction and engagement among residents. For example, many smart buildings in Forest City feature communal areas such as rooftop gardens, fitness centers, and event spaces that can be booked and accessed through mobile applications. These shared spaces not only provide opportunities for residents to connect with one another but also promote a sense of belonging and community ownership.

The use of smart technology

Smart building technology also enables enhanced communication and engagement among residents in Forest City. In addition to traditional communication channels such as bulletin boards and newsletters, smart buildings incorporate mobile applications and voice-activated assistants that allow residents to communicate with one another and with building management easily. This technology enables real-time feedback and fosters a spirit of collaboration and cooperation among members of the community.


Smart building technology is a key element in creating a close-knit and thriving community in Forest City. By providing shared spaces and amenities that encourage social interaction and utilizing advanced communication technologies, smart buildings help create a sense of belonging and community ownership among residents. As urban populations continue to grow, it is becoming increasingly important to prioritize community living and well-being in building design. Forest City serves as an example of how smart building technology can be leveraged to create sustainable and livable communities that foster social connections and promote quality of life.

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